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On the June long weekend of 2012, Mark and myself as members of the Adelaide Game Fishing Club, invited club members to our place at Marion Bay for the last club trip for the year. This is what they had to say about the three days.

Good Afternoon All,,

Our last Club Trip for Season 2012 was held on the long weekend at Marion Bay, and I would have to say that we saved the best for last.

The weather was very kind to us for all of the three days which meant we got to cover a lot of ground and see some spectacular coastline, especially in close around the back of Althorpe Island. (There just has to be some Kingies around those washes somewhere!)

Mark and Damon kindly offered us the services of their shack as a home base, which meant that at the end of each days fishing we all had a comfortable bed and hot shower waiting for us. Throw in a campfire and bbq each night and we had the ingredients for a great weekend away!

Whilst some of us fished onboard Raptor, Andrew Brook, Fady Dib and Tom Hahn all towed their boats down to get their own piece of the action.

In total there were 14 club members fishing at any one stage during the weekend which makes this one of our more successful club trips.

Most guys were interested in hooking one of the big Samsons which Marion Bay is fast becoming famous for, but unfortunately no one landed one – not for lack of trying though, with dozens of live baits being soaked and plenty of sore arms from hours of fruitless jigging efforts!

The were plenty of Southern Bluefin between Pondie and Wedge Island, and although the majority of them were only around 8kg, it at least provided some crews with some bang for their bucks on light line. Rhys Davies landed the biggest fish on our boat at around 16kg which was great to see.

Whilst bottom fishing was taking place, the ever present stream (standard form for agfc boats!) of tuna oil and berley was deployed in the hope of a few Makos turning up, but unfortunately none showed. This was surprising, given the amount of Tuna and reef fish in the vicinity. However two crews did have White Pointers show up, to their crews delight! I reckon there was more photos and video taken than on Logies night! Simply awesome.

Besides a heap of big Nannygai and a sprinkling of good Whiting, some great Gummy Sharks were landed whilst fishing the bottom. These ranged from 15 – 20kg and gave the anglers some memorable fights. Six of the seven of the Sharks were tagged which was a great result.

Having not fished the bottom end of Yorkes for some years now, I was blown away by the potential which the place offers. There really is a lot of spots to try down there and we as a committee will certainly be considering it when piecing together next year’s fishing calendar.

To Mark and Damon, on behalf of everyone who attended, thank you – for your warm and generous hospitality shown to all of us. You may have created one small problem for yourselves though……….you may not be able to get rid of us!

Best Regards,

Brad Smith

President AGFC

Hi all,

I thought it worth reiterating Brad’s comments on just how good the weekend was. Much of this, from my perspective, can be contributed to the hospitality and excellent set-up that Mark and Damon (and their families ) have going. The big Kevlacat is fantastic and their knowledge of the area is spot on, and they launch early and fish late maximising time on the water. Returning at night to a roaring fire – and a cold beer – just topped it off for me.

We all took home plenty of quality fillets which is rare on most club trips as most of us focus purely on sport fishing. And I have no doubt that given a bit of concentrated fishing around the islands would see some big kings hooked up. Add this area into the agenda along with Greenly/Rocky & KI and we are becoming spoilt with some great potential offshore fishing trips.


Jack Laidlaw


For anyone interested in finding out more about the Adelaide Game Fishing Club who actively encourages and supports responsible, sustainable and ethical fishing practices through and emphasis on tag and release…

please visit their website Adelaide Game Fishing Club


hope to see ya soon,


P1010744a Raptor ready for launch
On the water at 7am
Brads Gummy 3
Brad Smith, Club President, with a nice Gummy
Reece 17kg tuna
Rhys with a nice SBT of app 16kg
Paul with a nice Nanny
Spinning for Salmon
Rhys with a nice Blue Morwong
Brads Gummy 6
One of the many Gummy Sharks being released
Mark with a nice SBT on his favourite rainbow squid
White shark 1
A White pointer visited us, app 13 footer
Jacks Gummy
Jack with another nice Gummy